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Use And Classification Of Envelopes
Jul 07, 2017

Envelope open mainly for envelopes, file bags, medicine bag die-cutting work. The equipment is accurate, easy to paste, stable performance. According to the size of the product specifications, to mobilize the tool, to avoid the traditional die-cutting machine die-cutting tool repeated customization. Mainly used in processing Chinese large and medium-sized envelopes, file bags, medicine bags. Automatic Chinese envelope machine is mainly used for processing Chinese large and medium-sized envelopes, is the production of Chinese-style envelopes special equipment. This machine has stable mechanical properties, high production efficiency, convenient regulation, glue adding and cleaning operation, and solves the problem of flared bell on the back side of Chinese style. This machine gas road is advanced, the match gas is reasonable, adapts the thick paper envelope which processing below 150 grams. is a large number of envelope manufacturers to upgrade the ideal equipment. Automatic Envelope paper bag machine: Mainly used in the production of large-size specifications of Western-style envelopes, stable performance, simple operation, high production efficiency.

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