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The Development Prospect Of Automatic Packaging Machine
Jul 07, 2017

The domestic comprehensive strength unceasing promotion, has driven the development of all professions, also lets the automatic packing machine (powder packaging machine) industry development start to speed up, in recent years has been continuously heating up, the industry has appeared a lot of large-scale, efficient leading enterprises, and in the international market has formed a certain influence, there is such a rapid development, of course, in this respect has a lot of advantages, the demand is large is the most simple and clear advantage. Any production and processing of the commodity industry can not be separated from packaging, and now the requirements of packaging is more stringent, in the production volume is also increasing, batch production only fully automatic packaging machine can meet the needs of production, such words in the transport and sales process will have a great convenience and advantages reflected, so with the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous strengthening of industrial productivity, automatic packaging machine development potential is very huge. From the 80 's to now, China's food industry annual average growth rate of 13%~14%, and according to the relevant experts on the market survey data show that the current global machinery and equipment demand is growing at a rate of 5.2% a year, in the next few years in the developing countries in the automatic packaging machine sales will surpass many developed countries.

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