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Market Trend Of Kaifeng Machine
Jul 07, 2017

1. Single-sheet paper envelope machine becomes the main application: The envelope is mainly used in two kinds of paper feed: single sheet and web. The paper printing factory often uses the web envelope machine to match its web paper-taking equipment to obtain higher capacity. and the other envelope production enterprises are still in the single sheet of paper envelopes, from the color printing sheet, after the envelope die-cutting, envelope production, and finally get the envelope finished. 2. Integrated envelope Kaifeng machine demand increased: With the increase in the amount of envelopes, the use of the efficiency of the production of split machine has obviously met the production needs, then, more and more of the envelope production enterprises began to use one machine production equipment. 3. Personalized customization is maturing: At present, most of the envelope machine manufacturers are still in accordance with the standard process of production of Standard Model envelope machine, and the increasing number of envelope types and styles of envelope machine production flexibility requirements. In order to conform to the development trend of the market, the envelope machine manufacturers are actively engaged in the envelope machine functional customization design research, and achieved remarkable results.

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