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How To Choose The Envelope Machine
Jul 07, 2017

A good envelope machine to make good quality envelopes and these things the issue of the envelope users, of course, is the first consideration of the envelope manufacturers, the production of fine envelopes in many ways should meet a certain standard. Four corners of the envelope: good envelopes require Four corners of the standard right angle, which requires the envelope machine paper positioning, crimping, folding and other processes to be very accurate. Foil: If it is an open window envelope, the level of the film is not only directly affect the appearance of the envelope, but will also have an impact on the packaging process of the later envelopes. If the film is not smooth enough, will affect the encapsulation of the inserts, resulting in the phenomenon of entrapment. A good envelope machine can smoothly complete the film process, and ensure the smoothness of the film. Easy to tear line: The envelope with easy tearing line must ensure easy tearing, Kaifeng smooth, and to ensure that the internal parts are not damaged, this requires the Envelope machine line function perfect, line effect is good. Envelope Packaging: such as the production of the need for later packaging of the letter of the envelope, but also to reduce the packaging as far as possible, to ensure the smooth and efficient encapsulation. Envelope image matching: Now, foreign high-quality envelopes have been able to do the envelope sealing image up and down seamless mosaic, which is a high accuracy of the envelope making machine. In the future, with the development of the direct mail advertising market and the gradual release of the envelope type and style, the envelope will be gradually used domestically. At present, the import and Taiwan production of envelope machine equipment has been able to perfect the precise image mosaic, resulting in high-quality envelopes.

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