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Construction Of Kaifeng Machine
Jul 07, 2017

Kaifeng machine is a kind of kaifeng die-cutting equipment, high precision die-cutting, often used to cut the sealing of letters. Today, we introduce the ingenious place of the Kaifeng institution: The Kaifeng machine consists of a handle, a platen, a cover plate, a blade, a hob, a pipe, a spring, etc. A spring is set on the hob and a spiral edge is opened, the left and right front two ends of the blade are connected with the spring, and the handle assumes the bow shape on the right side of the fuselage, the pipe is arranged at the top of the blade and the hob is in front. Because the hob is equipped with a spiral edge, so that the Kaifeng machine in the shear time more labor-saving, reliable, the handle design curve-shaped labor-saving, because the Kaifeng machine design reasonable, simple, beautiful, reliable and so on, also makes the Kaifeng machine work efficiency is very high.

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