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Trouble-solving of packing machine
Jul 07, 2017

The electromagnetic iron does not absorb, causes this kind of fault mostly is the host internal fault, the electromagnetism iron coil burns, the line interruption and so on each aspect reason, solves the method is: first check is the host internal or the external problem; Check the electromagnet safety tube check to see if the electromagnet has signs of power, excluding mechanical card resistance, in all normal conditions to detect internal power supply; In the weighing packaging machine is often encountered is caused by the failure of the sensor damage, bridge voltage fault, wiring method or interrupt error, The method of elimination is: detection of sensors and wiring or the load signal of the host, near and to detect the bridge and amplification circuit or computer output display circuit, and sometimes the stability of the system caused by the instability of the bag to solve this problem can be tested circuit failure.

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