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The process of packing machine
Jul 07, 2017

Automatic bagging packaging machine is the most advanced and automatic a products in the hot shrink packaging machine. The product is suitable for film sealing and heat shrink packaging. Automatic heat shrink Packaging machine can automatically send film, and then automatic bag, surface smoothing, sealing film packaging, heat shrink packaging completed once. At the same time, waste can be recycled. Automatic heat shrinkable machine cutter for the constant temperature type super aluminum alloy material, for POF diaphragm sealing system. The characteristic of the cutter is that the sealing line is relatively fine and resistant to sticking. In addition, according to the size of the packaging, automatic heat shrink packaging machine can be adjusted within a certain range, without replacing abrasives. At the same time can be manually adjusted parts of the heat shrink furnace temperature and heat shrink packaging speed. The products are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, stationery, cosmetics, electronic products, toys and other fields. First on the bagging packaging machine set a good heating time, press the manual or Automatic button, the rack cylinder solenoid valve to drive the output of the gear, gear drive chain, at this time the rack cylinder near the switch off. When the rack cylinder runs to the upper stop point, the front position of the rack cylinder is close to the switch conduction, the oven cylinder solenoid valve is electrically output. When the oven cylinder runs up to the stop point, the timer (see the figure below) starts to start the delay, the rack cylinder solenoid valve loses power. Timer end, the oven cylinder solenoid valve power off.

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