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Development status of vacuum packaging machine
Jul 07, 2017

Still on the sale of food packaging, today's most commonly used, the most basic packaging process methods have two categories, namely, filling and wrapping. The filling method is almost suitable for all materials and all kinds of packaging containers. Specifically, the liquid, powder, granular body, mainly rely on their own gravity, it is necessary to be supplemented by a certain mechanical role can complete the packaging process. But for the viscous strong half fluid or larger single piece, the combination of parts, it is required to use the corresponding extrusion, push, pick and drop and other mandatory measures. As for the wrapping method is different from this, it is mainly applicable to the shape of regular, rigid and strong enough, and the requirements of the packaging of more compact pieces or components, flexible plastic and its composite materials (some additional lightweight pallets, lining), with the aid of mechanical packaging. In recent more than 10 years, the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improve packaging machinery and the entire packaging system of the general ability and multi-function integration capabilities, for the market to develop a variety of rapidly changing products to provide timely and flexible production methods. At the same time, based on the reasonable simplification of packaging and the practical needs of the advantages of packaging technology, continuous exploration, and obviously accelerate the pace of their own technological innovation.

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