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Development of packaging machinery industry
Jul 07, 2017

China's packaging machinery started late in the last century 70 's, the Beijing Commercial Machinery Research Institute in the study of Japan's packaging machinery, completed the manufacture of China's first packaging machine, after more than 20 years of development, China's packaging machinery industry has become one of the top ten industries, the rapid development of China's packaging industry to provide a strong guarantee, some packaging machinery to fill the gap, has been able to basically meet the domestic market demand, some products and exports. China's packaging machinery imports and output is roughly the same as the developed countries far. In the rapid development of the industry at the same time there are a series of problems, at this stage China's packaging machinery industry level is not high enough. Packaging machinery market increasingly monopolistic, in addition to corrugated packaging machinery and a number of small packaging machines have a certain size and advantages, other packaging machinery is almost no system and scale, in particular, the market demand for a large number of packaged packaging production lines, such as liquid filling production lines, beverage packaging containers complete sets of equipment, aseptic packaging production lines, in the world packaging machinery market are monopolized by several large packaging machinery groups, in the face of strong foreign brands impact domestic enterprises should take a positive response.

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